At Fellowship Bible Church, we believe that church membership is both Biblical and practical. We encourage all regular attenders to prayerfully consider joining FBC, so as to partner with us as we seek to love one another and advance God's Kingdom. 

There is a multi-step process to join FBC:

membership class

All prospective members must attend a Membership Class. The class typically consists of three, forty-five minute sessions, and is scheduled as needed. 

membership interview

The prospective member meets with an elder, typically Pastor Bill, to provide their basic testimony of faith and details concerning their baptism by immersion. 

Elder recommend.

The elders will review the prospective members written testimony. Upon receiving their collective recommendation, the application proceeds to the final step: congregational affirmation.  

congregation affirmation

Prospective members will be presented in a special, called Business Meeting to be presented to the current membership for affirmation. Each candidate will have their testimonies printed in the bulletin for review.

If you are interested in joining Fellowship Bible Church, simply contact Pastor Bill at: or speak to one of our elders. 

If you've ever had questions about church membership, or maybe you're uncertain about its importance, click the link below!

Biblical Foundations for Church Membership