To help visitors understand how we gather as a church, we have provided descriptions of what our weekly services are like. 

Who We Are


At Fellowship Bible Church, we believe that the church is not made up of a single, homogeneous group. Rather, it should reflect both the community and the kingdom--that is, a diverse gathering of God's people united under the saving work of Jesus Christ. Regardless of your walk of life, you will be welcome at FBC. During our gatherings, you will find young and old worshiping side-by-side. Dress tends to vary from person to person, and you are likely to find anything from jeans to suits, from sneakers to dress shoes. We can guarantee this: our people reflect the warmth and love that comes from a deep-rooted love for Jesus. 

How We Worship

Sunday School

Our Sunday School begins at 10:00 am, and meets downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. There is Sunday School available for children, and it serves as a place where kids can learn about Jesus and God's Word in an enjoyable, and age-appropriate way. 


Our worship service begins at 11:00 am. We begin with an exhortation from Scripture, followed by the singing of several songs, offering prayers of praise and confession to God, Scripture reading, giving our offerings, and the proclamation of God's Word in preaching. 


The music we sing at Fellowship Bible Church is a blend of old and new. At any given worship service, you will hear hymns alongside choruses. Placing an emphasis on content above style, the song selections will be intentionally God-centered. Over and above any one instrument or group of instruments, we strongly believe that the gathered body, raising their voices in praise to God, is the most powerful instrument in the church. 


Preaching at Fellowship Bible Church is primarily expository, meaning that it seeks to declare the point of a particular Bible passage. Sermons typically last between 30-35 minutes, and the goal of every sermon is to present the truth of God's Word as accurately as possible so that it can be applied to everyday life. At FBC, you will receive a steady "diet" of Old and New Testament study. All preaching is gospel-driven and Christ-centered. 


Fellowship is an important part of the Christian life. Once the service ends, there are often refreshments in the Fellowship Hall. It is a great opportunity to get to edify, encourage, and minister to one another.